Zach Wilson Responds To Being Booed On The Field


Zach Wilson #2 of the New York Jets reacts after a game against the Detroit Lions at MetLife Stadium on December 18, 2022 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)


Thursday night was a bad night for Zach Wilson and the New York Jets.

In a game they needed to win, they came away as losers.

However, during the game, Wilson was getting boos from the hometown crowd.

Now, Wilson is responding to those boos from fans.


Wilson Doesn’t Blame Fans For Booing

With the boos from Thursday night, Wilson comes out saying he doesn’t blame them.

While he calls the fanbase “very passionate,” he also says things that make fans feel like he isn’t accepting blame.

When he uses the word “we” to describe all the mistakes with the team, it doesn’t sit well with fans.

They want to hear him say “I,” to describe the problems.

To these fans, they see him as the one not scoring the touchdowns or making the first-downs.

They blame him for not being able to move the ball, as he’s the leader of the offense when he starts.


Fans Won’t Accept Wilson Until He Improves And Accepts Responsibility

It’s hard for the passionate fanbase of the Jets to accept Wilson.

With his press conference not seeing him own up to his mistakes, it puts him in a hole with those fans.

He now has two things he must do to earn the respect of those fans back.

The first is accepting responsibility for his mistakes.

After that, he will need to improve his performance as a quarterback.

This requires him to make better reads and handle pressure better.

If he does this, he can see fans accept him instead of booing him.


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