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The fundamental guidelines for posting on The Business Pot

Your interest in writing a guest post for our blog makes us happy. Before you concentrate on completing research and content creation, make sure you are familiar with our guiding principles that are explained below:

  • We don’t reprint entire or partial versions of previously published articles; everything must be original.
  • The first sentence needs to grab your attention. The reader won’t continue reading if they are not enthralled in the first few sentences. The first paragraph should introduce the topic of the piece, grab the reader’s attention, and pique their curiosity. 
  • Use subheadings to make your article’s flow more obvious to your reader at a glance.
  • Please use no more than three sentences in each paragraph as readers frequently find it easier to comprehend fewer paragraphs.
  • Make sure your essay ends with something the reader can learn from, think about, or do.
  • Before sending anything to us, please check your spelling and grammar.
  • We reserve the right to delete your content from The Business Pot if all or a portion of it appears on other websites. In this instance, having duplicate-free internet is important to us.

Where should I send my well-written article?

  • Sending content should include a Google Doc attachment and be sent to info.thebusinesspot@gmail.com
  • All graphics (1600 x 1000 pixels) should be included as.jpg files with your submission. The sources of all the graphics and images must be verified (please provide the source).