Why Trina Waited Months Before Confronting Partner’s Infidelity


While most of the buzz surrounding the latest installment of Caresha Please is centered around Yung Miami’s jaw-dropping revelation about golden showers, Trina spilled some tea about herself as well!

The new episode of the beloved podcast aired on Thursday evening, and—at one point during their sit-down—Trina opened up to Yung Miami about a situation in a past relationship that involved infidelity.

Trina Reminds Viewers That Are In Control: ‘Only You Could Play You’

Trina started off by pointing out that people have complete control over how they react to certain situations. As a result, the “B R Right” rapper says, “Nobody could ever play you—only you could play you.”

“You pick and choose what you want to deal with and how you want to deal with it. Nobody could ever play you—only you could play you. You never gonna get played.”

She went on to add, “How you handle your situation is how you handle your situation…You do what you need to do for you.”

So, while it’s easy to focus on others’ actions, Trina reminds us to remain grounded and do what’s best for themselves.

Trina Made Sure She Was Prepared Before Cutting Things Off

After this little pep talk, Trina shared a personal experience in which this outlook was put to the test. Specifically, Trina revealed that, after learning about her partner’s infidelity, she waited four months before calling him out.

“Now when I became in a relationship, [there] was infidelity. This was ‘I’m living with you, we about to get married’—this is a whole different vibe. And he cheated. I found out…I knew four months [before confronting him].”

She went on to explain her rationale, noting that—while she was ready to “just wild out,” she had to reel it back for her own benefit.

“I had to think, for real for real. In a situation like this, what do you do? [Because] if I tell you I found out what you did right now, everything ends. Am I ready to end it? I’m not ready…so I got to play these cards the right way.”

As a result, Trina “sat there” for four months and just focused on “trying to be the best person [she] could be.”

The rapper was sure to also point out that, despite her “persona of ‘The Baddest B***h,” she’s just “Katrina” when it comes to her personal life and relationships.

She summed up the situation by outlining the predicament at hand: “How do I say I know that you’re cheating without it being over [when] I’m not ready for it to be over?”

So, Trina bit her tongue in the name of mentally preparing to cut things off, as it was the best option for her at the time.


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