Why Do Women Ghost Men? (10 Reasons)


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One of the most frustrating parts of modern dating is when someone ghosts you.

“Ghosting” refers to a situation in which you’ve been talking with someone and managed to make some sort of connection.

However, out of nowhere, that individual suddenly stops speaking to you.

If you just formed a connection with a woman and she suddenly disappears, you may be wondering why women sometimes ghost men.

From not quite impressing her to cheating, here are a few reasons women ghost men.


Why Do Women Ghost Men? (10 Reasons)


1. Wasn’t Attracted To You

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One of the reasons women ghost men is that they discover that they’re not attracted to them.

This type of ghosting usually occurs after a date takes place.

You may find that you get along great before the date.

You’re having a great conversation with her.

When it comes to meeting face-to-face, you may even feel as though you’re getting on great.

There’s laughter and plenty of conversation that happens.

Then when you go to contact her again, you either find out she’s blocked you or she isn’t responding to you.

A common reason for this is that she just wasn’t attracted to you.

She might have had fun, but if she wasn’t feeling attracted to you, then she probably didn’t want to waste her time.

This can happen when the profile picture on your dating profile doesn’t quite match what you look like now.

For example, if you posted a photo of yourself that you took years ago, then you probably look a bit different.

She saw the photo of you on the profile and perhaps found that particular version of you attractive.

When you met and you looked different from your profile picture, the attraction failed to occur.

It’s important to remember that women are busy.

They may not feel the need to speak to you again after only one date.

As such, they’ll just ghost you instead.


2. Doesn’t Feel Safe Speaking To You Again

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A more concerning reason some women ghost men is that they don’t feel safe speaking to them.

This can usually occur either before or after a date.

In the case of it occurring before a date, it usually happens when you say something she doesn’t agree with or raises a red flag with her.

Whether it’s a joke or you just accidentally stumbled upon one of her triggers, there’s a chance that you might have made her feel unsafe.

In this case, she doesn’t feel the need to explain herself to you.

She just knows that she feels unsafe.

Therefore, she’ll take the necessary steps to remove you from her life.

This type of ghosting can occur after a date takes place, too.

You may have said something that triggered her and made her feel uncomfortable around you.

It may even be that you’re just a big guy who looks imposing.

Some girls may love that, but there’s always a chance that you’re dating someone who finds your imposing figure scary.

She may not feel safe around you because she’s worried about the physical advantage you have over her.

Finally, she may just see you as someone who is unstable or a risk.

She’ll ghost you because she doesn’t feel safe contacting you again.

She may worry that you’ll try to find her and cause her pain for turning you down.

Those fears are valid, too.

Women are often victims of domestic homicide.

They worry that by turning down the wrong guy, that guy might find them and hurt them.

It’s a safer option to just ghost them instead.

Some women ghost men because they feel it’s the safest option.


3. Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

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While guys often get a lot of flack for doing things because they don’t seem to care about a woman’s feelings, they’re not the only ones.

Sometimes women ghost men because they simply don’t care about that man’s feelings.

Just like men, there are some women out there who can be pretty callous.

They may even suffer from some sort of mental illness or condition that makes them lack empathy or sympathy.

Whatever the reason, if a woman doesn’t care about a man’s feelings, then she’s going to find it easier to ghost him.

It’s when someone does care about the other person’s feelings that they try to communicate with them.

Because they don’t want to hurt them or want to limit their pain, they’ll reach out and explain the situation.

They might say that they’re just not interested in you.

They might say you had some features or traits that worried them.

Whatever it is, women who care about your feelings will reach out.

It’s the women who don’t care about your feelings who will ghost you.

Their concern is more about their own feelings or their own time and not yours.

Because they don’t care about your feelings, they’re not concerned with how their silence or absence will affect you.

Some women ghost men because they just don’t care about your feelings enough to continue to communicate with you.


4. She’s Cheating

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Women can be just as much a cheater as men.

While stereotypes tend to blame men for cheating, it takes two to tango.

Both individuals consent to cheat on their partners with one another.

Regardless of who initiated the flirtation, there’s a good chance that if she’s ghosted you, it might be because she is or was cheating on you.

There are a few reasons she might have chosen to ghost you.

The first is shame.

If she felt ashamed of her actions, then she might have decided to bury her head in the sand.

It’s a lot easier to avoid the situation and move on than to face it.

That’s especially true if it means you’re going to face certain aspects of yourself that you don’t like.

If the woman is feeling ashamed about her actions, then she might just try to avoid the situation altogether.

That means ghosting you.

Another reason she might choose to ghost you is that she doesn’t want to hurt you.

She may believe that if you discovered she cheated on you, it would hurt you more than if she just disappeared.

In a twisted way, she believes she’s sparing you.

That may not necessarily be the truth, but in her mind, it justifies the choice to ghost you.

Some women might also ghost you because they’re actively cheating on you.

They found someone better and just didn’t feel the need to tell you that they’ve moved on from you.


5. You Didn’t Impress Her

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Some women also ghost men when they fail to impress them.

This type of ghosting can also occur before or after an official date.

One of the most common times is actually before a date is established.

You may have been talking with a woman for a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks.

Then, suddenly, she stops responding.

You may even discover that she blocked you out of nowhere.

One of the main reasons for this is that you failed to impress her during the time you were talking with her.

You may have had a few good conversations, but you didn’t do anything that really put you on her radar.

As a result, she chose to ghost you.

There are a few reasons she might choose to ghost you instead of telling you goodbye.

The first is that she didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

She might have liked you enough that she didn’t want to say she was moving on to someone else.

Instead, she believed it was easier for her to end the communication with you.

Another reason is that she’s bombarded with messages every day from interested men.

It’s not uncommon for women to get a lot more messages than men.

If they have tons of messages to read and you’re not impressing them, then they’re going to leave you behind.

They’re just too busy reaching out to the other messages to get back to you.

Essentially, you’re not deemed worthy of their time.

Ghosting can also occur after a date.

This usually occurs because you failed to impress her during the date.

You may have just talked about yourself instead of asking about her.

She may not have found your employer or status impressive.

Whatever it was, she didn’t find you worthy of her time.

Women sometimes ghost men because the men failed to impress them.


6. You’re Boring Or Typical

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Another common reason women will ghost men is that they find the particular man boring or just typical.

This comes back to how many messages a woman receives on her dating profile.

If she’s getting a lot of attention, then she doesn’t have time to spend on people who send her boring messages.

For example, you can usually be sure that a woman who is getting a lot of messages every day isn’t going to respond to a message that just says, “hello,” or, “hey.”

It’s typical and boring.

She gets that same message about a dozen times a day.

It’s immediate ghosting because it shows that the man didn’t put much effort into the message at all.

She’d rather spend her time communicating with men who put actual effort into communicating.

She might also ghost you after a date if you appear boring or typical to her.

Your dating profile may make you appear one way, but if she feels that you’re boring on an actual date, then she might ghost you later.

She could be looking for a relationship that’s a bit more exciting and not as typical or standard.

Because she deems you boring, she doesn’t want to waste her time communicating with you anymore.

Some women ghost men because they find them boring and not worth their time.


7. She Didn’t Feel You Were Interested

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Another time women ghost men is when they feel that the guy wasn’t interested in them.

The problem with this is that men tend to be terrible communicators.

A lot of the initial part of dating, at least in regards to using dating sites, is communicating.

It’s not a guy’s strong point in most cases.

As such, while he may have an interest in the woman, he may struggle to actually sound like he has an interest in her.

For example, he might not message her as often because he doesn’t want to appear clingy.

A woman, on the other hand, might read that as disinterest.

She could feel as though she has to pull teeth to get him to respond.

She can only spend so much energy before that becomes boring to her.

With other guys waiting, she might choose to ghost him and focus on her other messages instead.

She might also get that feeling on the date, too.

If you’re trying to act aloof or mysterious, then she might think you’re just not interested in her instead.

As such, she’ll ghost you since you didn’t seem to be worth her time.


8. Commitment Problems

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Like guys, some women also have commitment problems.

Either she isn’t interested in a long-term relationship, or she doesn’t know how to have a lasting relationship.

She might suffer from self-esteem issues, for example, that inhibit her ability to make a lasting relationship.

Instead, she cuts out early before you can make that sort of connection with her.

Abandonment issues, for example, are often to blame here.

Before you can abandon her, she might choose to abandon you.

Even if you never intended to, her own issues might make her think that you intend to.

To reduce her own emotional pain, she’ll be the one who initiates it by ghosting you.

Women who have commitment issues tend to ghost men.


9. She Found Someone Better

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An unfortunate reason some women ghost men is that they found someone who simply suits them better.

In most cases, when you’re dating, you’re not exclusive with anyone just yet.

As such, you’re both free to keep messaging others to see if a better option is out there.

There’s a chance that she might have found someone who just clicks with her better.

Because she formed a connection with you, she might not want to hurt your feelings by telling you.

Instead, she thinks she’s sparing your feelings by ghosting you.

Of course, some women are a bit more vicious.

She may just not care about you anymore because she’s found someone she deems better for her.

As such, she’ll ghost you without a second thought about your feelings.

Either way, some women ghost men because they’ve found someone who better suits their needs.


10. She Got What She Needed

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A final reason women ghost men is that they got what they wanted from them.

In some cases, it might be sex.

She got what she wanted, so she’s able to move on from you.

Some might just be looking for companionship.

After a fun night out, she may be ready to move on, too.

Either way, you served a specific role that she needed.

Since she no longer has a use for you, she decided to ghost you.



Ghosting can be a way to spare someone’s feelings, but it’s often done when someone doesn’t care enough about the other person’s feelings.

As such, for the reasons listed above, some women will choose to ghost men instead of speaking to them.


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