What Can The Bears Do With Their First-Round Pick?


A fan of the Chicago Bears displays a sign during the 2016 NFL Draft at the Auditorium Theater on April 28, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)


The Chicago Bears sit in an interesting spot in the NFL Draft going into week 17.

While they currently hold the second overall pick, they can turn that into the first overall pick.

However, doing that requires them to lose out and have the Houston Texans, the current holder of the number one pick, to win one game.

But regardless of where the Bears fall on the NFL draft board, fans want to know what they can do with their first-round pick.

Here is one scenario which might play out when 2023 comes around.


Bears Can Build Draft Capital By Trading Their Pick

The Bears are in a prominent position with the second overall pick for 2023 and can hold all the cards if they slip into the number one spot.

If they get the first pick, or maintain their current spot, they can trade their pick for draft compensation.

With quarterback needy teams in a draft full of quarterbacks, the Bears hold all the cards.

However, leaping over the Texans gives them the most power in a trade deal.

Knowing that the Texans will select a quarterback means teams are at the Bears’ mercy in a trade.

But even if they don’t sneak into that top spot, they can still make a trade with the second overall pick.

It can easily net them multiple first-round draft picks.

If the Bears want a receiver, they can drop as far down as number nine to get Quentin Johnson.

However, if they want a solid tackle, they can drop to number seven for Peter Skoronski.

Either choice will still net them multiple draft picks of the highest value as the team continues to rebuild.


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