Viral Video Shows NBA Star’s Very Dirty Move


Chris Paul #3 of the Phoenix Suns looks on during the first half of the NBA game against the Boston Celtics at Footprint Center on December 07, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona.
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


The New Orleans Pelicans beat the Phoenix Suns twice over the weekend, proving their dominance over that team and taking the number one spot in the West.

Both games were exhilarating and worth watching but the first ended in a wild moment that almost resulted in an on-court fight.

With the clock winding down and the Pelicans about to claim victory, Zion Williamson put up a crazy 360 windmill dunk.

The fact that he did this when a win was already assured ruffled the feathers of the Suns and soon, players from both sides had to be separated as tensions flared.

But a new angle on the closing seconds of the game shows a different perspective.

Following Williamson’s dunk, Chris Paul of the Suns and Jose Alvarado of the Pelicans made their way upcourt.

Paul was upset, of course, and Alvarado was cheering on Williamson’s move.

Paul then purposefully jabbed his elbow into Alvarado’s chest in a truly unprofessional moment that would have easily earned him a technical foul had it been seen.

The footage of this move has now caught fire online and people are criticizing Paul and wondering what’s next for this rivalry.


Paul Playing Dirty

Now we see that the temperature was hot between both teams not just because Williamson dunked but also because Paul hit Alvarado.

These two teams do not like each other and that all started last season when the Pelicans proved to be a tough match in the playoffs.

Now things are even worse with the Pelicans dethroning the Suns in the West and becoming the top dogs in the conference.

You can bet Paul will hear a chorus of boos the next time he walks onto the Pelicans’ court.

That’s shocking because, as we all know, Paul got his start in the Big Easy years ago.


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