Unheard Facts About Sterling Silver Jewelry; 4 will blow your mind

Silver was amongst the first five metals that were discovered on the planet. Its history dates back more than 6000 years ago.

Sterling silver is an alloy of pure, fine-quality silver along with copper. It is extensively used for making high-end jewelry that ranges from glittering silver rings to those exquisite pendants. It has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925, hence the name 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Unlike fine silver, sterling silver is comparatively versatile and suits well for the manufacturing of jewelry. Not only it adds a luminous charm to the personality of the wearer, but also let them to held their head high with pride and esteem by adorning themselves with one of the most stupendous jewelry collections available in the market.

Sterling Silver is a Mixture of Two Components

One of the major attributes that differentiate sterling silver from pure silver is that the former is an alloy of silver and copper. Usually, sterling silver has 92.5% of fine silver and the rest 7.5% is copper.

The potent reason why jewellers choose copper as the base alloy/metal is that mixing copper lends a perfect balance of hardness and durability. Also, it becomes quite convenient for the jewellers to cut sterling silver into multiple shapes and patterns as the latter is much softer.

Though nickel can also be a potential substitute for copper, still it is avoided in most cases since mixing nickel with silver can be quite allergic for the skin. Nickel usually tends to leave oil substances on the skin of the wearer. This oil reacting with the skin leaves a green ring mark and nasty skin.

Sterling Silver is Hypoallergenic

Jewelry and gemstones are meant to surge the beauty and look of their wearer. However, most people are allergic to certain metals which don’t allow them to wear jewelry that could have some volume of mixed metal/s in their overall composition.

On coming into the contact with the skin of such people, these jewelry items can cause intense irritation and skin problems.

For instance, almost 10% of people are allergic to nickel. If their skin came into the contact with nickel anyhow, they might get red rashes and itch all over their skin.

Yet another similar case is with brass. Many jewelry lovers have complained of excessive skin irritation and agitation on wearing jewelry ornaments manufactured with brass.

If you are one of such people, then sterling silver can be your only, yet the best alternative. Being constituted of almost 92.5% silver, it leaves behind no skin issues like redness and itching under any circumstances.

The most affordable, yet adorable jewelry option for those who are allergic to certain metals and stones.

Sterling Silver is Easily Customizable

While exploring the jewelry market, you would have surely come across a plethora of shapes in sterling silver. These shapes and patterns can be in heart shape, rounded, oval or even in the form of stars and half-moons.

All credits go to the soft and smooth surface of sterling silver which makes it quite easier for the jewellers to mould it into different shapes to fit various purposes.

In contrast to it, fine silver is usually hard and rigid and demands a lot of manpower and mechanical effort to get moulded into shapes. Yet another reason encourages jewellers to cherry-pick sterling silver over fine silver for ornaments and jewelry.

Sterling Silver can be Recycled

As the world is constantly moving towards environmental protection and eradication of global warming, the jewelry market is not leaving any stone unturned in contributing positively towards this social issue. This fact gets quite unheard of, but sterling silver is recyclable.

During the extraction process of precious silver from sterling silver materials like jewelry and ornaments, there is no loss of purity of the more silver So, both the silver is of the quality, and character as well as the sterling silver.

Recycling silver contracts the overall emission of CO2. Also, it reduces energy consumption exceedingly during the process of extraction.

In a nutshell, sterling silver takes care for the beauty and health of both the mankind, as well as mother earth and holy nature.

The Health Benefits of Sterling Silver

Well, besides being one of the most stupendous jewelry collection sterling silver, being a fine alloy of silver is a great health booster also.

Being a powerful antimicrobial agent, sterling silver can shield the body against infections and flues and can accelerate the healing of wounds and cuts.

Positively charged silver ions, by creating a conductive field, improves the natural conductivity of the body which stimulates better blood circulation, balanced body temperature and improves overall physical health and wellness as a whole.

Wrapping Up.

High-quality sterling silver jewelry is one of the most affordable and ethereal pieces of jewelry that will let you flaunt your charm and aesthetics. Goes without saying, it’s non-allergic as well as easily customizable. Extracting from fine silver, its luminous shimmer will add a touch of everlasting goodness to your look and outfit. Give it a try.

Happy Shopping!

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