Tory Lanez’ New Attorney Remains Confident In Winning Appeal


Tory Lanez new attorney says he wishes the rapper had reached out prior to his conviction late last month, but remains confident about winning the rapper’s appeal.

Renowned defense attorney Jose Baez told TMZ that had Lanez’ retained him for his shooting trial, he likely wouldn’t be facing upwards of 22-years in prison.

Tory’s New High-Powered Lawyer Regrets Rapper Didn’t Reach Out To Him Prior To Trial

Tory’s new high-powered lawyer said he’s ready to go to bat for Tory too, but maintains his regret over the fact Tory didn’t call him in for the trial.

Baez is famously known as the lawyer that got Casey Anthony off for murder and Aaron Hernandez off for a double murder, with successful track record when it comes to high-profile clients.

Baez refused to go into detail regarding specifics of the appeal, but hinted that he would have done things differently if he were representing Lanez during his trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

He did reveal to TMZ that he’s confident that procedural errors were made, not wholly in part in part due to its incredible high-profile trial, and added that will be the basis of Tory’s appeal.

New Appeals Lawyer Says Tory’s “Making Adjustments” Since His Incarceration

Baez went on to say that his client had never been convicted before, and therefore hasn’t gone through anything like this before, but did say he’s attempting to make adjustments while incarcerated.

Last week, Lanez went on an attorney-hiring spree, retaining the services of David Kenner, and Baez to take on his conviction appeal.

Kenner famously represented such clients as Snoop Dogg in his 1996 murder trial as well as Suge Knight, former Death Row CEO.

Baez has represented the aforementioned Casey Anthony and Hernandes, who took his own life in the middle of filing an appear for his Odin Loyd murder conviction.

Lanez’ Trial Lawyer Insists He Wasn’t Fired But Says He “Doesn’t Do Appeals”

Tory Lanez’s former trial attorney, George Mgdesyan, told Page Six that he was was not fired, and added that the decision to not take part in his client’s appeal was “mutual,” saying “he’s still friends with them.”

“I did not get fired. I’m still friends with them,” the California-based attorney adds.

“I met with Tory’s dad. I went and visited Tory, so I wanted to be very clear because I know there are people who are reporting facts that are not true.”

Mgdesyan went on to say he had not formally “resigned” from Lanez’ case, either. He told the outlet that it would be the best for the 30-year-old Canadian rapper to hires an appeals attorney since he himself doesn’t “do appeals.”


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