The Morning After: NASA reveals UFO investigation panel


NASA previously announced that it would create a panel to study “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP), aka UFOs — while saying it doesn’t believe they’re “extraterrestrial in origin.” (Sure, NASA.)

Now, the space agency has unveiled the 16-member panel that will focus on these unclassified sightings, chaired by David Spergel, former head of astrophysics at Princeton University. Other members include Anamaria Berea, a research affiliate at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Life) Institute in California; retired NASA astronaut and test pilot Scott Kelly; and astrophysicists, science journalists and more.



The US government is effectively running two tracks of UFO probes. There’s also a Pentagon group looking into UAPs reported by military pilots and investigated by US defense and intelligence officials.

– Mat Smith

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But is it only coming to Europe?

When the European Parliament voted in favor of making USB-C the common charging standard in the region, it was obvious Apple was going to be the company most affected by the mandate. While the tech giant already has iPad models with USB-C ports, its iPhones still require a lightning connector. Now, in an interview at The Wall Street Journal‘s Tech Live event, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak has confirmed that the tech giant will be transitioning to USB-C connectors to comply with the EU’s regulation. “We have no choice as we do around the world but to comply to local laws,” Joswiak said. However, he didn’t say whether Apple is only making a different variant for the European market while continuing to sell phones with lightning connectors elsewhere.

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It’ll remain on BBC in the UK and Ireland.

The BBC and Disney have announced future seasons of Doctor Who will stream on Disney+ outside the UK and Ireland. Back in July, Bloomberg reported that Disney was looking for “established” brands to bolster its streaming platform. Now it has the world’s longest-running science-fantasy series.

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It’s still weird, it’s still chaotic.


Platinum Games

Bayonetta 3 is full of classic Bayonetta madness, all of it amped up by one degree. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, the enemies are absolutely massive, Bayonetta’s magic is incredibly powerful, her outfits are outstanding and the fights don’t stop coming. She’s still a witch with gun shoes, but new abilities mean she can transform into demon hybrids, adding even more dimensions to the epic fights. It’s still all very silly, very meme-able and for now, it’s a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Read on for our full review.

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The S1 Hoonitron is kind(er) to the planet.



Rally driver Ken Block has released his first Gymkhana video with an electric car — and this time, the vehicle is almost as important as the hooning. The “Electrikhana” sees Block drift around Las Vegas landmarks in a one-of-a-kind Audi S1 Hoonitron. It borrows design cues from the well-known Sport Quattro S1 while using a dual-motor system. Think of it as a souped-up cousin of the E-tron GT. With drifting and tire smoke, it’s a different kind of sales pitch for electric cars. Initially associated with eco-conscious drivers, they’re becoming the machines of choice for performance-minded enthusiasts thanks to their instant torque and supercar-beating low-end acceleration.

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DALL-E artwork could soon be widespread online.

Shutterstock has widened its deal with OpenAI, and will start selling stock images built using the DALL-E 2 AI generator. The approach will offer “direct access” to DALL-E through the Shutterstock website, and compensate creators whose pictures played a role in developing the technology through a new Contributor Fund. The company also plans to pay royalties to artists when the AI uses their work. The deal represents one of the first practical uses of the tech.

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The new Earth Blue variant is available now.



Sony’s original LinkBuds S were already being made with recycled plastics from automobile parts, but the company has now announced an Earth Blue variant made from even more reclaimed materials. The company says the body and case for this version of the LinkBuds S are made from “factory-recovered plastic and reclaimed water bottles.” The recycled materials are what give the exterior surfaces a marble pattern. The new Earth Blue variant will be available at the end of October.

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