The Lions Clinched A Huge Upset With A Must-See Play


Penei Sewell #58 of the Detroit Lions catches the ball in the fourth quarter of the game against the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field on December 11, 2022 in Detroit, Michigan.
(Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)


Week 14 almost ended the way most games end for fans of the Detroit Lions.

With the Lions holding a one-score lead late in the fourth quarter, it was a recipe for another letdown.

However, a play on third-and-seven gave the Lions the victory.

So what happened during this critical play, giving the Lions another victory?


Third-Down Conversion Seals Game For The Lions

With under two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Penei Sewell reported as an eligible receiver.

The 22-year-old offensive tackle then goes in motion, and the rest is pure magic.

With the Minnesota Vikings leaving him wide open, he catches the pass from Jared Goff.

Had the pass been incomplete, the Lions were facing a punting situation.

A punt instead of a first down gives Kirk Cousins a chance to make his seventh comeback in the fourth quarter.

However, the soft hands of Sewell were ready for the pass from Goff.

While the pass wasn’t enough for a first down, Sewell dives out to ensure the ball is beyond the first-down marker.

His play now gives the Lions a 6-7 record, as their playoff chances have now increased.

With the Lions facing the softest part of their schedule, fans are hoping for some magic in Detroit.

While letdowns are a common theme for the team, things have changed since they defeated the Green Bay Packers.

With that one win, the team is stringing together more wins, as they continue to stay in playoff contention.

If they make the playoffs, they will become the second team since the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals to start the season 1-6 and reach the playoffs.


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