Stephen A. Smith Says 1 NFL QB Has Looked Like ‘Trash’


The NFL logo on the goal post during a game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium on September 15, 2008 in Irving, Texas.
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With the NFL going into Week 10, it was time for NFL analyst and pundits to give their takes on players this season.

For ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, it didn’t take him long to call out one NFL QB during a segment.

This player is someone who Smith feels is looking like “trash” this season.

So which NFL QB is Smith referring to with his comments, and is he right?


Smith Calls Out Aaron Rodgers On His Awful Start To 2022

While Smith thinks Aaron Rodgers is still greatest QB’s he’s seen, he still believes the Green Bay Packers QB is “trash” this season.

However, Smith wasn’t completely ripping Rodgers, as he doesn’t blame the four-time MVP QB for getting all the money he did this offseason.

But he also notes how if he’s getting all this money, Rodgers needed to ensure he didn’t lose Davante Adams.

Without Adams, the Packers’ star QB is taking fewer deep shots downfield.

When Rodgers attempts any pass beyond 15 yards, his receivers have found little success completing those passes.

Because of this, his numbers are suffering.

However, his passing yards and touchdowns aren’t the only thing suffering this season.

He’s also throwing more interceptions, something rarely seen from the four-time MVP.

While Smith still believes Rodgers is a “bad man,” he isn’t seeing how Rodgers is to blame for the issues in Green Bay.

His mistrust of his rookie receivers, and their lack of route-running skills, is killing the MVP QB this season.

While Smith might believe Rodgers is still great, it’s clear his receivers are the ones who helped make him great in Green Bay.


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