Shamea Morton Surrogate Diagnosed With Breast Cance


Shamea Morton announced her surrogate Shadina Blunt was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, just days after learning about Blunt’s cancer diagnosis, she’s gone into early labor.

Last November, Kandi Burruss announced to followers that professional surrogate Shadina Blunt would be helping her RHOA co-star welcome a second baby after she served as Kandi’s surrogate, appearing on RHOA throughout the seasons.

Morton has also been a friend of the reality series for the past 7 seasons. She is married to Gerald Mwinge and currently has one daughter Shya Mwinge.

Shamea Announces Her Surrogate Has Breast Cancer On The Radio

Shamea, a radio personality at V-103 in Atlanta, helped Shadina share her breast cancer diagnosed alongside Dr. Jackie, her physician last week.

“The journey took a twist and i couldn’t do this with out [Dr.] Jackie. So, we, unfortunately, found some abnormal cells in my breast so we are going to have to deliver this sweet baby early, unfortunately,” Shadina stated.

Shamea jumped in clarifying the diagnosis, “Shadina was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“But that is just a quick little page in your story—that is not your story. That is not your end all,” she added.

Since she was visibly shaken while sharing her news, Shamea comforted Shadina, thanking her for being the “biggest blessing” for still looking out for her unborn daughter’s well-being while dealing with her recent diagnosis.

Hit play to she Shamea and Shadina share news about her breast cancer diagnosis.

Shadina Blunt Is Currently In Labor

This morning, Shadina shared with supporters that she has gone into early labor. The surrogate went live on Instagram to assure followers that everything is under control so far after 12 hours in labor. She says the baby has been moving around and appears healthy, but should be here soon!

12 hours in and we are doing well. Thank you for the support and prayers.


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