Rival NFL Coach Appears Shocked By The Jeff Saturday Hire


An NFL on the goal post at Soldier Field as the Chicago Bears host the Detroit Lions September 17, 2006 in Chicago. The Bears won 34 - 7.
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When the Indianapolis Colts made a move to hire Jeff Saturday as their new head coach, people were in shock.

However, an NFL coach is revealing how he is also shocked over this hiring.

So which NFL coach appears shocked over the Saturday hiring in Indianapolis?


Friend Of Former Colts Head Coach Gives His Take On Saturday Hiring

Matt Eberflus, who is a friend of former Colts head coach Frank Reich, was “taken back” by the hiring of Saturday.

The shock from Eberflus is a feeling many fans have, as Saturday has no previous NFL coaching experience.

However, the decision to hire him in Indianapolis was from Jim Irsay, the team’s owner.

He sees the inexperience of Saturday as a plus, despite many others feeling it’s a negative.

However, will he be fearless in his first NFL game as a head coach?


Saturday Must Rely On Other Coaches In Indy To Help Him

Without that NFL coaching experience, Saturday must rely on the other coaches on the team.

While he might not use analytics, which Irsay might like, he needs someone to make the right play calls.

This means relying on the offensive and defensive coordinators more than ever to make the correct calls.

While he might have some upsides of being a coach with no experience, that lack of experience might also hurt him.

Unless he has some magic formula for play calling on Sunday, he’ll need the other coaches to help him out.

Irsay has now created an interesting situation in Indianapolis by having Saturday take over the coaching duties.


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