Rapper Fredo Bang Welcomes Son With Married YouTube Couple Annie & Sevyn Buffins


The new year is starting off with a bang as new love, new relationships and new celebrity children are being welcomed into the world. Baton Rouge rapper Fredo Bang gave daddy duties realness on Monday after he announced that he is a new father to a baby boy named Payton. Though heartwarming, the Instagram post did not include any images of Payton’s mom. The photos did include Payton’s older brother Parker, and fans soon uncovered that he has two moms–married YouTube couple Annie and Sevyn Buffins.

News of their new bundle of joy spread like wildfire, and Fredo–legally named Frederick Givens II–and the Buffins step into The Shade Room to address some of the rumors and misconceptions going around about their family.

The Buffins Address Relationship With Fredo Bang

The Buffins are widely known as entrepreneurs and influencers, who wed back in 2020 and welcomed their first son Parker in 2021. While Sevyn and Annie are fairly open about their business endeavors, the two seem to keep privacy at the forefront of their personal relationship–particularly as it pertains to their nearly two-month-old son Payton. After Fredo Bang announced Payton’s arrival with photos featuring his older brother Parker, it become clear that he had some sort of connection to the Buffins.

While speaking with TSR, Annie and Sevyn touch on their marriage and the nature of their relationship with Fredo.

We are happily married. We’ve been married since 2020 and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made to get on one knee and propose,” Annie says. “However, as far as our relationship goes with Frederick, listen, we have a great relationship, it’s a personal relationship and that just is what it is.”

Annie & Sevyn Clarify Paternity Of Their Oldest Son Parker & Conception Of Baby Payton

Though Annie, Sevyn and Fredo all made public social media posts about Parker and Payton, they left much to the imagination in regards to how the Buffins became boy moms in the first place, and how Fredo Bang fits into the picture. Annie and Sevyn tell TSR that their first son was conceived through multiple rounds of IUI, and that Fredo is not his biological father.

As far as Payton, I can confirm that Fredo Bang is the biological father of Payton, however he is not the biological father of Parker whom my wife carried in 2021,” Annie tells us before giving the floor to Sevyn. “We had to try three times for Parker which was like the craziest thing. The first time I actually found out I had polycystic ovary syndrome when we went to the fertility specialist. I thought I was just gonna be able to easily get pregnant, which is when I started documenting our whole entire journey of our IUI process.

The first time was devastating when I found out I just couldn’t get easily pregnant like I thought. The second time was super devastating because I had to do more hormones and more shots. Grateful to have my wife by my side every time. So then we tried again one more time and that’s when we finally got our yes of Parker coming through IUI.”

As for whether or not their son with Fredo Bang was conceived naturally, the Buffins had this to say: “Payton was conceived intentionally and planned.

Fredo Speaks On His Relationship With The Buffins & Co-Parenting Plans

Despite all of the criticism and public attention, Fredo Bang is the happiest he’s ever been since welcoming his son into the world. If his “I’m a daddy” IG post wasn’t enough of an indicator of his joy, Fredo expresses his adoration and gratitude to the Buffins in an exclusive statement to TSR.

I was able to bring life into the world with two women that were already the best mothers to their first son and that I know for sure will be great mothers to Payton also. It was the best decision I could’ve made. A win is a win lol.”

As for his relationship with Annie and Sevyn, Fredo says they’ve all “vibed like best friends.” Though it’s unclear when Fredo became acquainted with the Buffins, social media posts seemingly link the three as far back as May 2022.

Nevertheless, Fredo seems to have every intention of being part of their lives for the long haul!

We all met in Miami and instantly vibed like best friends. It’s just something different about it. I started working out, eating healthier and sh*t. Just another side of life to the rap sh*t. I definitely will be in both of their lives. I always wanted to be a daddy and him having a brother just means its another person who will have his back in life. Every child deserves a male figure.”


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