Omarion Says ‘You Never Know’ After Pap Mentions They’re Single


Omarion and Nia Long caused some buzz when they appeared to share some red-carpet chemistry during her movie You People‘s premiere. In a recent interview, Omarion addressed speculations of a romance between the two–shutting down dating talks while seemingly hinting at some interest.

A videographer recently caught up with Omarion outside the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The singer reacted with a hearty laugh when the pap pointed out their proximity on the carpet and their single status. Folks on social media lost it after Nia briefly held his hand as she walked away from a photo moment.

Red Carpet In Dubai Was The First Time Nia Long And Omarion Met

However, the former B2K member immediately got serious when denying all dating talks regarding him and Nia. The videographer also asked Omarion if he was “putting out the fire” and whether “there’s a little bit of a window there.” Both times Omarion responded, “I didn’t say that.” 

When asked about the “status” between them, he revealed the red carpet moment was the first time they had met. However, he belted a confident “of course” to the pap’s statement about both being “attractive.”  


Then things got a lil’ bit juicy. For a second time, the pap pointed out their single status. This time, Omarion responded:

“Yeah, you never know.”

He let out another deep laugh when the pap asked, “so how can we make this happen.” Omarion later seemingly agreed that he felt “a spark,” saying, “yeah, it’s a big Scorpio vibe.” He also shared his respect “for the queen.” 

When the pap asked if Omarion secured the digits, he responded:

“Can’t tell you that.”

Then, as he entered an elevator, the pap yelled, “so you’re saying there’s a chance.” But Omarion just responded with another big laugh.

Nia Long Already Denied Dating Speculations In The Shade Room

Shortly after the brief hand-holding, Nia stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section to clear any speculations.

She wrote:

“Everybody simmer down…I’m single AF.”


In a separate interview, Nia Long held back tears while speaking on the “devastating moments” in her life during the last few months. While she didn’t go in-depth, Nia’s 13-year relationship with fiancé Ime Udoka ended during the last quarter of 2022.

The Boston Celtics had publicly revealed that Udoka was having an inappropriate, consensual relationship with another employee. This later resulted in his suspension, but the infidelity caused a social media frenzy for months.

“I’ve had some pretty devastating moments in my life the last couple of months and I’ve had to just say, “it’s alright, you’ll pick yourself back up…” Nia interrupted her statement adding, “oh my god, I’m about to cry” while fanning her face.


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