New Lawsuit Claims Influencer Malu Trevejo Has Secret Dark Side


Malu Trevejo is a singer, influencer and social media superstar with over 36 million followers between her TikTok, Instagram and OnlyFans.

Her followers may love her social media personality, but several former employees say the social media star isn’t who she claims to be online.

In fact, Trevejo is currently facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit because of alleged physical, mental and sexual misconduct.

Several former employees exclusively told The Shade Room that Trevejo’s disturbing behavior included unwanted sexual advances, physical threats, and verbal abuse that included racist and homophobic slurs.

However, Trevejo’s attorney Jason Ziven claims the allegations are simply untrue.

Could the lawsuit really be baseless? Or does Malu Trevejo have a secret dark side? The Shade Room investigates…

The Cuban-born singer initially rose to social media fame back in 2017 with her hit single “Luna Llena,”

Four former employees of Trevejo told us of their alleged treatment at the hands of the social media star, with the dark allegations getting worse and worse, including hiring a personal assistant, Victoria Baretto, who said Trevejo tried to lure her in her bed and sexually harassed her.

Trevejo’s Former Personal Assistant Provides Abuse At The Hands Of The Social Media Influencer

Baretto says Trevejo found her on TikTok, and before long she was on a flight to Florida en route to the influencer’s Miami home. Things were fine at first, with Baretto even calling Trejevo “dope.”

She was offered the personal assistant job in October 2021, however it wasn’t too long before she started seeing some red flags. Trejevo wouldn’t allow Baretto to use or have her phone during her work hours.

“So I said, okay Malu, what are the business hours? All I was told (in response) was ‘all day,’” Barreto says.

Malu Trevejo
Pictured: Malu Trevejo (Courtesy of YouTube).

Baretto ultimately kept her mouth shut on the issue, as she said she needed the money she was earning on the job, money of which she needed to help out her father, who’s dealing with addiction issues.

Former Personal Assistant Tearfully Recounts Alleged Abuse At Hands Of Malu Trevejo

She says her dad had passed just two months ago.

“I got this f***ing job with Malu to help him,” Barreto tearfully exclaimed. “And to help my mom too, because they are both foreign, they’re Brazilian.”

Barrto says Trevejo’s demands became more and more invasive and beyond the scope of her normal professional duties.

Court records show that Trevejo “immediately began making sexual advances towards Ms. Baretto once she began her employment with her.”

Those advances included asking Baretto to sleep in Trevejo’s “bed with her, controlling and claiming possession of her by telling others she was her girlfriend, alienating and isolating her from her family,” amongst other damning allegations.

Pictured: court documents in the lawsuit filed by employees against Malu Trevejo.

Baretto says she initially complied with Trevejo’s demands, as she needed to job to earn money for her family.

But it wasn’t long after she began resisting Trevejo’s advances that the influencer began treating her differently, with more aggression and dismissal-type attitude against her, the lawsuit claims.

Sometimes it would escalate to the point where Trevejo was in “fits of rage” while hurling insults at her.

Three More Alleged Victims Speak Up, As Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Trevejo Is Filed

But the alleged abusive behavior didn’t stop with just Baretto.

Trevejo’s former manager, Eduardo Vidal, admits he was enticed by the six-figure salary and move to Miami from the Dominican Republic to support her.

“She would call me ‘fat,’ she would call me ‘slow,’ call me ‘stupid,’” Vidal told TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter.

The last straw between her and her former manager came when Trevejo allegedly went after Vidal while holding a knife. Court documents claim Vidal just narrowly escaped serious stab wounds as his influencer employer attempted to attack him.

malu trevejo
Pictured: the knife reportedly used by Malu Trevejo in lawsuit against her by several former employees.

Things got even worse when she hired to Black men, Rich Lacroix and Ralph Colon, to work on her team in May 2022. Both men similarly assert that Trevejo abused them, calling them “dirty little Haitians” and make fun of Lacroix for being gay too, he claims.

Former Bodyguard Recounts Time Trevejo Reportedly Attacked Him With A Knife

Colon, her former bodyguard, echoed Lacroix’ sentiment, saying Trevejo had also called him a “dirty Haitian” and “a bunch of racial slurs.”

He lasted barely five months before jumping ship from Trevejo’s employment, the time of which he characterized as “traumatizing.”

Meanwhile, a representative for Trevejo said she is aware of these “false allegations” in the lawsuit, and “looks forward to defending herself against these baseless claims.”

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In 2021, The Shade Room reported that Trevejo called out Travis Scott in an effort to end her contract with him immediately, writing:

“@traviscott let me out of the contract. Really don’t wanna expose the behind scenes s**t so just let me out of it!!!!! Like whyyyy trying to hold me when you denied everything let me gooooo!!!!!!!!! Nowwwwwwww.”


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