Matt Holliday Has A Special Plan For Adam Wainwright


Adam Wainwright #50 of the St. Louis Cardinals pauses on the mound during the fifth inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Busch Stadium on October 2, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri.
(Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images)


After the mass exodus of several St. Louis Cardinals coaches, franchise legend and Hall-of-Famer Matt Holliday was added as the team’s new bench coach.

Holliday played eight seasons in St. Louis from 2009-2016 and was a key piece to several deep postseason runs, including the 2011 World Series title.

Holliday was a fan favorite in St. Louis as well, being named to the National League All-Star squad four times during his Cardinals tenure.

The Cardinals Hall-of-Famer was recently asked about his new role with the organization.

In perfect and hilarious fashion, Holliday said that one of his first orders of business would be to make former teammate and close friend Adam Wainwright run a lap to establish who’s in charge.


Holliday’s Plan For Wainwright

Holliday and Wainwright have always had a close relationship, and Holliday has never shied away from giving his fellow Cards legend some grief from time to time.

Now that Holliday is back in Cardinal Red and is a part of the coaching staff, he has a chance to establish some dominance over Wainwright as he enjoys his new role with the team.

Wainwright will be in his final Major League season, so Holliday won’t have too long to put him in his place when he sees fit.

But these two franchise legends have always been close friends and have never shied away from teasing each other.

We’ll have to see how Wainwright responds to Holliday’s comments about making him run a lap, but some joking around between the two is sure to follow.


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