Lori Harvey Reacts To Critic Of Carpet Debut With Damson Idris


Lori Harvey is clapping back behind Damson Idris! The beauty entrepreneur recently slid into a fan page’s comment section to collect a critic. @nubiangoddesspinky claimed to see ‘no chemistry’ between the couple at Snowfall’s final season premiere on Feb.15.

They made their red carpet debut at the Ted Mann Theater in Los Angeles, California.

“No chemistry. Look how far apart they’re standing lol,” @nubiangoddesspinky wrote.

Tagging @nubiangoddesspinky, Lori responded:

“@nubiangoddesspinky or maybe U just had on body makeup and told him don’t stand too close to me because I didn’t want to get it on his suit. lol y’all try to find a problem with everything.”

(Photo by Amy Sussman/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images)

Despite a few smizes photos on the red carpet and afterparty, the couple also shared laughs and smiles during both. Damson has not reacted to any public critiques, but he let his enthusiasm behind his lady loose in photos.

Meanwhile, a clap back from Lori is a rare move, but her romance with Damson has been a popular topic on social media since Idris wished her a public happy birthday on January 13 with a cheek kiss photo.

She spoke openly in a December-published Essence feature about letting go, never settling, and the mega-spotlight on her dating life.

Harvey said:

“…what I would love people to know is that I am a young woman just trying to figure it out–but I’m trying to figure it out in the public eye. That magnifies everything. It magnifies your mistakes. It magnifies the ups and downs of navigating your life and figuring it out yourself.”

Her pop-out surprised fans after the influencer spoke passionately in the article about not being attached to anyone’s name or life but hers.

“I feel like it’s always been about me attached to someone. This time, it’s about me. Self-love, self-care, self-reflection. I’m being a little selfish right now. It’s my time,” Harvey said.

Lori Harvey And Damson Idris Romance Timeline

Their red carpet debut comes a month after Lori and Idris celebrated her 26th birthday together.

On Valentine’s Day, Harvey shared a loving card from Damson next to a bouquet of roses and a video of them kissing at a rose-decorated, candle-lit dinner.

“I realized it has been exactly 100 days since your beautiful silver dress. Thank God for that dance. Every day since with you by my side has been my favorite movie. I can’t wait till we hit 1000 months. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. I love you,” Damson wrote.


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