LHHATL Bambi Releases Freestyle, Momma Dee Reacts


Bambi is back in her music bag, but her estranged mother-in-law Momma Dee doesn’t seem to be feeling the “thirsty” drop. Bam, who also goes by Adiz the Bam, released the two-minute Wait On U freestyle on Monday (Feb. 13)–teasing a clip of the new drop on her Instagram.

Fans seemed to think some of the freestyle might be about Bambi’s estranged husband and Momma Dee’s son, Lil Scrappy. She raps about someone “acting different” after having children together.

Bambi and Scrappy share three children together, including a set of twins. Scrappy is also father to a teen daughter, Emani, from a previous relationship with Erica Dixon.

In her opening verse, Bambi raps:

“I think I need a vacation, you got me tripping. Rumor has it you outside with hella b*****s. Gave you children, gave you love, you actin’ different. So more love, I’m to this paper on hella missions.”

At only nine days into 2023, The Jasmine Brand reported that Bambi and Scrappy called their relationship quits after five years of marriage. The estranged pair tied the knot in a private 2017 ceremony–first reported by TJB. However, Bam’s freestyle is the first time either of them has seemingly addressed or referenced a split.

Bambi added:

“Made decisions, f**k this ring and sharing last names. Woulda swore you was my future til your past came back like a memory on iPhone. I’m on some other sh*t now.”

To close the first verse, Bam says, “I’m gone.” The video itself shows her rapping on the mic and seemingly writing in a journal–presumably lyrics. Bambi also rapped about feeling betrayed in a relationship during her second verse.

“If I did you like you did me, I couldn’t take it. Therapist saying breathe, meditate before I sleep. Focus on forgiving, what the f**k that suppose to mean. I guess it’s only betrayal if it’s close to me. Thinking ’bout my karma like is this what’s owed to me? What we ‘ppose to be, these other goofy couples, yelling, screaming. I need a n***a who ain’t fighting all them demons. Chasing p***y, drinking, got me overthinking.”

Momma Dee Seemingly Calls Bambi ‘Thirsty’ While Critiquing Her Freestyle

Momma Dee and Bambi have long clashed, both onscreen and online. In the last season of Love & Hip-Hop ATL, Momma Dee, and Lil Scrappy came head-to-head after she admitted to telling people he wanted a divorce. The emotional confrontation included a phone conversation that led to an in-person blowout, where Scrappy confronted his mother about his childhood and boundaries.

In her latest jabs at Bambi, Momma Dee took to The Shade Room’s comment section to congratulate and critique Bambi’s freestyle.

“Oh my congratulations, at least Diamond can rap. Shoutout to the real people that can rap,” Dee wrote. She added, “Some people do not deserve a record deal, they deserve a water deal because they are too thirsty.”

Meanwhile, both Scrappy and Bam have been quiet online regarding Momma Dee’s opinion. Scrappy also hasn’t reacted to the freestyle or confirmed any troubles in their relationship.


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