Kel Mitchell’s Ex-Wife Seeking Over $1M From Actor


Tyisha Hampton, the ex-wife of Kel Mitchell, is reportedly seeking over $1 million from the actor. According to Radar Online, Hampton’s request comes after a judge ruled that the actor “doesn’t owe her back support.”

Hampton’s Demand & Recent Court Developments

According to court documents obtained by the outlet, Hampton has requested the judge to order Mitchell to pay her $1.9 million in back support. The documents allege that Hampton suffered “a major setback” after the judge determined that Mitchell does not owe her spousal support or child support.

Hampton maintains that is not true. And her ex-husband does indeed owe her financial support.

[Kel] has not made one spousal support payment to the Respondent. As of February 6, 2023, the Petitioner currently owes $315,692.51 in Spousal Support arrears.

The court document reads.

Additionally, Hampton is demanding another $725,000 in child support payments. And has alleged that Mitchell presented “false evidence” to the court.

Hampton Alleges That She Owes $3M In Debt

Tyisha Hampton alleges that her ex-husband demonstrated “’fraudulent and malicious’ conduct” during their court proceedings. And classified his actions as “financial abuse.”

According to the outlet, “the ordeal” has caused Hampton to “suffer emotionally and financially.” And the woman now owes over $3 million in debt. Hampton alleges that her ex-husband is earning over $60,000 per month.

The Judge Previously Deemed Mitchell’s Back Support As “Paid In Full”

According to Atlanta Back Star, a judge ruled that Hampton was “paid more than what she was owed,” during a recent court hearing. The judge determined that Hampton received $425,000 from the sale of their family home. And this made up for whatever amount Mitchell could have owed her in back support.

The Court finds that any and all arrears pursuant to the Judgment from [Kel] to [Tyisha] are paid in full by Petitioner.

According to Radar Online, Mitchell’s attorney shared a statement regarding the matter.

[Tyisha] has a long history of foul play. There is evidence to support that she misrepresented her assets/income to the Court in the past. She has forged a grant deed, and signatures to transfer the title of the family residence in this case. She was charged criminally with identity theft.

Mitchell shared his thoughts as well.

Tyisha has done everything in her power to drag me through her path of destruction. I was forced to start over and made an active effort to get my life and affairs in order. I focused on rebuilding my relationships and my career. Despite my best efforts, I’ve still had to spend all these years, and thousands of dollars, to defend myself against her actions. Tyisha has pained me as a deadbeat father, not only to this courtroom, but to the community, and my entire public platform.

Previous Allegations Made Against Mitchell By His Daughter

As The Shade Room previously reported, Kel Mitchell’s daughter alleged that her father had limited involvement in her life. And blamed his absence on his acting career.


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Court documents obtained by TSR revealed that Mitchell did make a genuine effort to be a part of Allure, and his son Lyric’s, lives.

Yes. It really was [emotional]. To not see them in six years and to finally be able to see them, and my son was…was upset, and he was hurt. My daughter was also as well. They would look straight out the window and not at me. And they said that we don’t want to see you, we have a father… They seemed very rehearsed, though. And I told them that I’ve been trying to see them for years and without talking about their mother, telling them that I loved them, and my number’s here if you want to reach me. Here it is. And I’m here for you, and I love you, and you might not feel this way later.

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