Josh Allen Holds A Big Lead In One TD Stat This Season


Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills scrambles during the second half in the game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on December 24, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)


Josh Allen has been the talk of the NFL throughout the 2022 season.

While the Buffalo Bills quarterback is slipping out of the MVP race, he’s still an elite quarterback to fans.

However, there’s one touchdown statistic in which he’s got a big lead in heading into the end of this season.


Allen Has The Most Touchdowns Of 10+ Yards Since 2021

If you need a big touchdown, Allen is the quarterback who can deliver those touchdowns.

Since 2021, Allen has 47 touchdowns of 10+ yards, putting him 10 ahead of Joe Burrow.

While Patrick Mahomes is the leading MVP candidate of this season, he’s nowhere on this list from Pro Football Focus.

However, his statistic is going back to last season, which saw Mahomes with one more touchdown than Allen in 2021.

While Mahomes has more touchdowns since 2021 over Allen, they aren’t from plays of 10+ yards.

It’s Allen who is making these big time throws, which many say they see from the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

But even with this statistic, it’s not giving the overall picture of the Bills’ franchise quarterback.

While fans see him as a better quarterback than Jim Kelly, he’s yet to prove it with a Super Bowl appearance.

However, fans are hoping this season is the year he changes this story.

But for him to do this, he needs to protect the ball.

While he’s making long touchdown plays, he’s also throwing plenty of interceptions.

His 13 interceptions this season have cost the Bills two games so far this season.

If he does this in the playoffs, it will cause people to forget his great touchdown statistics.


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