How to Remove Nicotine Stains on Teeth

There are various factors for the discolouration of teeth. One of the significant factors can be nicotine stains. However, many home remedies and professional and over-the-counter treatments are there to get back the natural white colour of the teeth.

Is it true that nicotine makes teeth more prone to staining?

Absolutely! Chewing tobacco-infused stuff and smoking makes the taeeth’ enamel more prone to staining. So, once an individual begins consumption of nicotine-based products, their teeth start giving a yellowish tint. Moreover, prolonged use of these items will make your teeth dark or a brown tint will start appearing on them.

Does nicotine damage the teeth beyond recognition?

Nicotine products not only stain the teeth but take a toll on the gums as well. Moreover, the immune system will also become weak because of the consumption of Nicotine. Hence, the human body becomes too weak to combat any type of gum infection. Reports shared by CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention).

Therefore, a smoker suffers from more gum infections as compared to a non-smoking person. Moreover, experts at CDC say that once the gums start getting damaged because of nicotine, it does not heal easily. So, today we will read about some best ways to remove nicotine stains from teeth.

Different ways of whitening the Teeth

While removing stains from the teeth, numerous factors affect the approach you plan to use. These are:

  • Frequency of the treatment of your tooth
  • Your budget for the treatment
  • The stubborn nature of the stains

Moreover, there are three different types of tooth whitening solutions available:

  • DIY or Do-it-yourself treatments
  • Tooth whitening by a dentist
  • Home-based remedies

Since there are numerous teeth whitening methods, so we collected some information from three renowned dentists:

Professional Teeth whitening

After various home remedies for removing nicotine stains from the teeth are not helping you then, you must go to a professional for the same. Moreover, professionals suggest you take an appointment at the dentist before experimenting with ant teeth whitening products.

Dr Lana Rozenberg says, that certain toothpaste and over-the-counter stuff won’t help in removing the stubborn smoking stains on your teeth. Therefore, smokers have to seek professional dental treatments for the whitening of their teeth.

Rapid in-office trips

As per Rozenberg, in-office whitening, such as Zoom, removes stains of nicotine from the teeth. And, this procedure entails applying a peroxide solution to the teeth and treating them to extremely bright light. This is a comfortable process and hardly requires fifteen minutes to an hour to complete.

Do-it-yourself or personalized home remedies

As per Dr Christopher Rouse, the most appropriate home-based therapy is mixing 10% carbamide peroxide in a tray, custom-built for the teeth and mouth. This procedure reduces tooth sensitivity, strengthens the tissue, and gives the substance a longer retention time with the tooth (keep it overnight). Moreover, it helps in deeply bleaching the inherent stains.

The in-office process of whitening will show effect for up-to 3 years, however, it stays for just 1 year among smokers. One can go for half-yearly dental cleanings to clean the tartar, plaque and stains. Moreover, regular cleanings will eradicate stains properly.

Dr. Christine Frank, DDS says that cleaning your teeth improves the effectiveness of whitening procedures. Moreover, cleaning the teeth regularly eliminates tartar, nicotine stains and plaque. It further helps the whitening procedure to permeate into the tooth.

Teeth whitening kits sold over the counter

Drug stores and pharmacies sell several products over-the-counter for teeth whitening in London. They are bleaches, strips or whitening ointments, used with a teeth tray. Dr Rozenberg mentions that these dental products help in properly removing the nicotine stains from the teeth.

However, follow the guidelines properly while regularly using products like Crest strips. Using these strips repeatedly for a long time irritates gums and tooth sensitivity.

Do take some expert dental advice, before opting for DIY bleaching technique. Sometimes, due to the sudden death of the tooth nerve, the teeth get discoloured. So, if there is such a condition, then ignoring it will be harmful.

Moreover, the colours of the bleaching don’t alter because of the veneer, tooth fillings, crowns and other types of restoration treatments. Using, too many overly-concentrated solutions for tooth bleaching will increase the tooth sensitivity as well.

Few other DIY home remedies

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

De Rozenberg recommends using little baking soda with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide for bleaching. Mix it into a paste and one can use it as toothpaste, once in a while.

However, Dr. Natalie Pennington, of recommends we be cautious while applying the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste. Too much rubbing can damage the teeth. Hence, she advises us to rub it gently on the tooth just for thirty seconds.

Brush immediately after smoking

It is advised to brush the teeth immediately after smoking to reduce nicotine staining on the teeth. This stops the nicotine to delve further onto the surface of the teeth. It also prevents the tartar to deposit on the enamels

Brush and the Mouthwash

If you can’t stop smoking then one must readily clean their teeth to avoid staining. The best way is to take mouthwash in the mouth, close the lips tightly and keep brushing through the mouthwash.

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Hydrogen Peroxide rinsing

The last one is rinsing the mouth with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. You can prepare the solution, by taking an ounce of hydrogen peroxide and mixing it with water. Thoroughly rinse your mouth for a few seconds with the solution. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water. This helps in removing the yellow stains from the teeth.


We hope that this article will give you some basic ideas for removing the nicotine stains from your teeth. You can even follow the dentist’s advice that we have shared in the blog.

Moreover, you can retain the whiteness of your teeth by using clinical as well as home remedies. However, for more professional advice you can visit at to book an appointment for professional teeth whitening.