Future of HR: How Mobile Apps Are Changing the Game


There is no denying that HR apps have become a trend today and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Companies these days are already altering their HR procedures so that they can seamlessly integrate an HR app. These HR apps are not only potent in offering easy accessibility but also allow businesses to lower their operational costs, reduce employee turnover rates, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately increase productivity.

To help you obtain a better picture of how HR apps are changing the landscape, read some of the major benefits that HR apps bring to the table and how these apps can be properly utilized for better employee collaboration.

What Are HR Apps?

HR apps are cloud-based mobile solutions that are highly flexible and can store qualitative and quantitative data. An HR app helps an organization handle complicated HR duties and processes seamlessly, from employee onboarding and recruiting to managing their development and performance.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, HR apps can also manage existing business administration functions such as employee benefits, payroll, time management, eliminating manual data entry, and much more.

Benefits of HR apps

  • Enhances the efficiency of your employees
  • Saves essential business resources
  • Helps in taking better business decisions
  • Improves organization’s regulatory compliance
  • Reduces error

Recommendations on properly utilizing HR apps for better employee collaboration

1. Make the onboarding process easy

With the help of an HR app, you will be able to automate the employee onboarding process, thereby saving time and resources. Doing so will help your employees relieve their stress during the first few days or weeks at their new job. Additionally, it also helps in informing, teaching, and training new employees.

Ensure that you implement an interactive procedure so that your present business employees can seamlessly welcome the new ones. It will create an instant feeling of inclusion, which will help your new recruits feel right at home from the first day and thereby enhance collaboration.

2. Bridge all communication gaps

Your employees will need a clear purpose so that they can feel like they are part of something important. And that can only be possible through clear communication.

By using your HR app as an internal news channel, you will be able to share market realities, business beliefs, organizational goals, new projects, and new strategies. And most importantly, even your freelancers and remote workers can be reached through this procedure. As a result, an HR app can do wonders for increasing employee engagement and thereby helping to eliminate any communication barriers.

Furthermore, having an internal news channel for your employees via your HR app can help you be the most reliable source of organizational information, ultimately eliminating false news and rumors, which is especially important in this digital age of misinformation.

3. Provide easy access to information at all times

With the help of an HR app, you can allow your employees to access important information anytime, anywhere. Since all the required organizational documents and information have been backed up in the cloud, employee access becomes seamless. Ultimately, such a process will help your employees focus on the work they are doing without losing concentration.

4. Offer a self-service help desk for employees

Customer service is not just required for your customers but also for your employees. And the same can be implemented in the form of a digital help desk through a robust HR app. Employees require self-service tools to stay healthy, happy, and productive.

That is why integrating self-service channels and knowledge into your HR app can help employees find answers to any questions they have. Such a move will allow your employees to spend less time looking for answers and more time being productive.

For instance, repetitive employee questions about benefits, annual leave, or payroll can easily be answered through the self-service help desk hosted on the HR app.

5. Prioritizing employee well-being and safety

Employees need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy so that they can perform at their best. That is why providing well-being resources and presenting an online channel (through your HR app) where employees can share safety messages and report workplace incidents easily help maintain employee engagement and collaboration.

For instance, through your HR app, you can provide your employees with a quick well-being assessment test that will provide scientifically proven solutions for building resilience, reducing stress, managing work-life balance, etc.


At the end of the day, your business can infinitely benefit from adopting a robust human resource management app. HR apps can simplify the day’s work for the HR department, thereby freeing up crucial resources to focus on more important things for your organization. Furthermore, doing so can help you create a strong workplace foundation devoid of inefficient procedures and human errors.