Here Are The IKEA Cabinets Selections I’ve Made For My Studio


I decided a few days ago to that I was going to order IKEA cabinets for my studio, and just be done with agonizing over options. I’ve spent hours over the last three days poring over the cabinet options that IKEA offers, and I have my selections in my online shopping cart. I’ve done everything except hit that final order button. So let me show you what I’ve selected.

First, here’s the drawing I did way back in 2017 (wow…2017!!) of the front wall of the studio. This is the wall with the floral wallpaper.

So the idea was the have floor-to-ceiling cabinets on either end of the wall, and one lower cabinet in the middle. Here are the IKEA items that I found to work on this wall.

First up, this base cabinet with six drawers for the center in a 24-inch depth.

All of the cabinets are Sektion, and for the drawer fronts and cabinet doors, I selected the Veddinge white. It’s one of the cheapest, but I also like that it has no details on it, so I can add trim to these doors and drawer fronts very easily (which, of course, I plan to do.) I’m also going to paint them, so the original color doesn’t matter to me. After selecting these, I found that these are the same ones that John and Sherry from Young House Love used in their kitchen in their current home, and they painted theirs with no problems.

For the lower cabinet on the two outer sections, I went with this three-drawer base cabinet in the 24-inch depth…

And for the uppers, I went with this 15-inch-deep cabinet

And on top of those, I’ll use this shorter 15-inch-deep upper cabinet

So once I put all of those together, the wall will look something like this…

I mean, that’s pretty close to my original vision.

For the wall in the “office” zone of the room, this is what I had originally envisioned…

I decided to add more storage to this area, so instead of having the middle section open underneath the countertop, I’m going to add drawers.

For the two tall sections on either end, I chose these 15-inch-deep base cabinets…

On top of those bases, I’ll use these 15-inch-deep upper cabinets

And then I’ll top those off with these shorter 15-inch-deep upper cabinets

And for the middle sections, I selected these 15-inch-deep bases with three drawers.

So once all of that is put together, it will look something like this…

The cabinets for that wall will need some spacers between them to make them fit the space properly, but it’ll work.

I actually didn’t select anything for the wall just inside the door from the breakfast room. I just simply can’t decide how I want that wall arranged, and then I started to question whether I even wanted or needed cabinets on that wall. So I’m actually going to hold off on that. Maybe I’ll do some open shelves, or maybe that wall doesn’t need any storage at all. All of these other cabinets, in addition to the storage closet in the room, may be enough storage the room.

So all together, the cabinets for those two walls come to $3948.00. I still need to add some side panels to my order. And then sales tax is $325.71, and shipping is $179.00. So altogether, I’m looking at around $4600.00.


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