(Exclusive) Hurricane Chris’ Second-Degree Murder Trial Set To Start In February


On Wednesday, Christopher ‘Hurricane Chris’ Dooley appeared in a Shreveport courtroom with counsel about a June 2020 second-degree murder charge. The Shade Room has exclusive information related to his trial.

Information obtained by The Shade Room, we have learned that Hurricane Chris’ trial date is Monday, February 13th, we were exclusively told. According to a source, the date was initially set in November, and lawyers agreed to uphold the date in court on Tuesday. Currently out on bond, the accused is also scheduled to make a court appearance just before trial on February 1st for an argument and hearing date. 

If you recall, a local Louisiana man was shot and killed in the early morning hours in Shreveport. The shooting reportedly occurred around 1 AM at a Texaco gas station in the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue.

The 33-year-old rapper told authorities that he shot the deceased in self-defense after struggling over his car. Officers dismissed his claims after security footage was obtained from the gas station and showed otherwise.

The ‘A Bay Bay’ rapper also faces a charge of one count of illegally possessing stolen things. The car he was driving at the time of the murder was reported stolen in Texas.

His attorney stated in 2020:

The prayers of Mr. Dooley are with the family of the deceased as well as his own family at this time. He is confident that at the end of a thorough and just investigation of this incident, his name will be cleared.


We reached out to his camp for comment, but they have yet to respond to our request.

Roomies, we’ll keep you updated.


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