DDG And Halle Bailey React To Rubi Rose’s Shirt And DMs Claims


Over the weekend, rappers DDG and Rubi Rose hosted a battle of the exes on social media that ended with name-calling, DM reveals, and Halle Bailey stepping in.

Things got spicy with ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose after she seemingly threw a jab at DDG and Halle via Twitter. The Big Mouth rapper tweeted, “having your b***h where my clothes is crazy lol.”

People online speculated her tweet was about Halle after Bailey posted a video wearing a white, cropped tee, which Rubi also wore in August 2020. After that tweet blew up, Rubi Rose doubled back with, “I like Halle, DDG a weirdo tho fasho.” 

Fans had already sensed trouble in paradise between DDG and Halle after the rapper removed the actress and photos featuring her from his Insta-account. He also fueled breakup speculations after tweeting, “all these girls are the same.” 

However, he later reassured fans “nobody cheated on nobody” after Halle’s sister, Ski Bailey, called him out for dragging Halle into gossip. Ski later apologized.

Rubi Rose Exposes Recent Messages With DDG, Rapper Calls Her A ‘Clout-Chasing Weirdo’ In Response

But cheating rumors picked up again after Rubi Rose took her ‘blast’ a step forward and released a screenshot of alleged Twitter messages between them. Her caption said, “this is why I’m single.” The screenshot, which visibly begins with a message from DDG, doesn’t list a date but says Tuesday.

DDG kicked off the convo at 10:44 a.m. by asking Rubi if she was still in Los Angeles. She responds, “yeah” about 15 minutes later, and a few hours after, he asks, “what you on.” Rubi responds, “getting ready hbu” before seemingly referencing Halle–and his tweet about ‘same girls.’

“U hitting me the day y’all argue is so u lol,” Rubi adds. DDG responds, “lol u right, lemme go heal first.”

She followed up the screenshot release with the tweet, “all boys are the same.” 

In response, DDG called Rubi evil and seemingly admitted that he knew she was going to expose him. Additionally, he seemingly suggested there were no issues between him and Halle.

DDG tweeted, “Ik it looks bad but it ain’t what it seem stg that b***h just evil.” 

He added:

“Everything is good internally. This while situation was foreshadowed. I know everybody want me to be the bad guy, but I’m really not.”

Then, in The Shade Room’s Insta-comment section, DDG seemed to claim the DMs screenshot was the result of CGI (computer-generated imagery.)

The rapper also painted Rubi Rose as an ex-girlfriend who still desires him and encouraged fans not to believe her tweets.

“Don’t believe nun she say. She been stuck on me for 2 years. She hurt,” DDG tweeted.

Meanwhile, Rubi Rose claimed DDG was “mad” she wouldn’t “go home with him after Caresha party,” which happened on Feb. 3. DDG quote-tweeted this claim saying, “super [cap emojis] N****s is not pressed over you.” 

Elsewhere, Rubi also shared a screen-recording of the DMs from DDG in an assumed attempt to show the messages are not CGI as DDG claimed.

The back-and-forth didn’t slow there. Rubi took to her Instagram Story with a video of a ceiling and lyrics from her song He In His Feelings.

Her post pulled another series of tweets from DDG. This time he took shots at her career and status in the industry.

“[cap emoticon] u old news gang. U a wannabe Ice Spice now [clown emoticon] This is the most relevant u been in years. Quit posting that weak a** music u didn’t write on yo story,” DDG tweeted.

She replied, “u so f*****g sassy wtf lol.” 

Halle Bailey Enters The Conversation Amid DDG & Rubi Rose’s Insults And Accusations

Amid DDG and Rubi’s back-and-forth, Halle tweeted a coded message about believing lies. However, she was not clear about which topics were lies. There was no direct mention of the same shirt claims, the exposed DMs, or being in a ‘good space’ with DDG.

Here’s what Halle wrote:

“The devil is working,” Bailey wrote. “lol please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party. Stay blessed everyone.”

Sometime after, DDG quoted Halle’s message with one of his own. He wrote:

“Can y’all let my meat go now? Rubi is a weirdo. She been hating on my relationship for years.”

Most of the tweets by DDG, Rubi Rose, and Halle have been deleted as of Monday. However, amid Halle’s one tweet on the situation, DDG claimed he and Halle “hashed this situation out days ago.” He also called Rubi a weirdo who is “just clout-chasing.” 

Rubi quote-tweeted DDG’s claim about Rose’s alleged attempt to rekindle their relationship with some claims of her own.

“U call me every time u see me with a new n***a talking sh*t about them…I’m single bc I don’t play about that sh*t. U know that, that’s why u went to the calm girl who will put up with it.”


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