Bye, Baby! Couple Ditch Infant At Airport Check-In Desk


After rolling up the the airport without a ticket for their child, an unidentified couple wound up leaving the infant at the check-in desk.

The Parents Were Late For A Flight From Tel Aviv To Brussels, Left Child At Check-In

The matter unfolded ahead on a Jan. 31 flight from Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel to Brussels, Belgium.

A spokeswomen for the Ryanair airline addressed the matter in a statement to CNN, noting that the couple “proceeded to security [after] leaving the infant behind at check-in.”

She also noted that the baby did not have a ticket, which reportedly would’ve cost about $27 USD for a one-way flight (if the baby were to sit on one of the parents’ laps). In fact, when purchasing tickets, it’s noted that “infants can be included in a flight reservation during the online booking process,” though it appears that this was overlooked by the couple.

“These passengers traveling from Tel Aviv to Brussels presented at check-in without a booking for their infant. They then proceeded to security leaving the infant behind at check-in.”

She went on to share that airport security was ultimately contacted, who went on to “retrieve the passengers.” The matter was then referred to the local police department.

“The check-in agent at Ben Gurion Airport contacted Airport Security, who retrieved these passengers, and this is now a matter for local police.”

Israeli Authorities Say ‘No Further Investigation’ Is Needed

While speaking to CNN, the Israeli Airport Authority shared further details on the incident, noting that the parents were in a major rush to “reach the boarding gate for the flight.” In order to try and make their flight to Belgium, the couple hastily “left the infant seat with the baby and ran toward the security checks.”

“A couple and an infant with Belgian passports arrived for a flight at Terminal 1 without a ticket for the baby. The couple also arrived late for the flight, once the check-in for the flight was closed. The couple left the infant seat with the baby and ran toward the security checks at Terminal 1 in an attempt to reach the boarding gate for the flight.”

Authorities also addressed the matter, noting that there’s “no further investigation,” as the matter had been resolved by the time police arrived.

“The baby was with the parents and there’s no further investigation.”

There are no further updates to the matter, and it sounds like the family in question is moving on and leaving the matter in the past.

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