Bubble Letter E – Let’s Start! E in Just Six Steps Drawing For Kids

Bubble Letter E

A step-by-step picture manual for your bubble letter E Accomplished? Do you know that E is the considerably used letter of the alphabet? This vowel occurs in multiple terms, so it is one of the first messages we will recognize to register. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, puppy drawing easy scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing. Although you can probably pen this message in upper and lower case, it’s time to bring it additionally by remembering to remove a dot with the letter E. In this manual, we will present in 6 steps how to remove this letter truly fun route. Then we’ll direct you on how to color it and count some fun additional communications.

Let’s start.


To accomplish this, we will remove a rather elongated perpendicular line. As you can visit in the connection picture, this bar will have a small angle. The cause’s curved rather than fully direct because we enjoy the message of looking like a bubble. This line will curve inward at each end, as this is where it will connect to the branches of the letter E that we will draw in later steps. Once you’ve drawn this line as it appears in our reference image, you’re ready to move on to step 2, where we’ll add some more lettering.

 STEP 2:

In our contact picture, you will see that this first chapter’s body is thumb shaped. It is drawn with another slightly curved line which then curves inwards quite steeply. Once you’ve drawn this branch, we’ll add another curved line below it. This will be the distance between this unit and the center one that we will remove after. If you come across any part of this design that you are having trouble with, you can use a pencil to sketch it out and then run through it with your pen when you are happy with it. When you have drawn this branch, we can move on to step 3.


This time the branch we’re drawing will be at the bottom, so we’ll draw it the same way you drew the upper branch of the bubble letter Emitt will extend from the end where the first line ended at the bottom, then curve inward. Although it is drawn the same way as the previous step, it does not have to be identical. In our example, the bottom branch is a bit thicker than the top one. Just like we did with the first branch, this one will have a short vertical curved line attached. This will go a hole in the seat. In the next step of the guide, we’ll fill that gap with the final branch, so let’s do it now!


Add another curved line to draw this final branch that starts and ends inside the space between the other two branches. As you can see in the reference image, this third central branch will be slightly shorter than the previous ones. Once you’re there, you’re ready to move on to the next step for some finishing touches! Before that, make sure the outline looks exactly as you want. If you used a pencil to make a plan, now would be the best time to erase them before continuing.


Once you are happy with the highlights of your bubble letter, we can add some curved lines inside the outline. These will go near the inner sections of the outline to make the letter appear more depth. Again, you can add a few more if you want your letter to be even more complete. Before moving on to the final step, here’s your chance to add some fun extra details. This is where you can allow open and obtain imagination! One idea is to choose a theme, something that starts with E. You can add small details or images around the letter to match the theme. You can think about it now, but we’ll review a few more ideas after adding color in the next step.


Now we have the guide’s last step, which might be the best part! This is where we’ll add colors to the bubble letter E to bring it to life. The possibilities are endless here, and you can get creative with them. Our reference image shows you the colors we would choose for this design. If you like how it looks, combine what we’ve created with your favorite coloring tools! As you can see, we went with a turn color scheme.

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