Brandon Hammond Steps In To Talk About His Classic Roles, Reconnecting With His Former Co-Stars & More 


#TSRWhereTheyAtNow: Now there is no doubt that many of you have seen at least one role, or maybe even two or three that was played by actor Brandon Hammond. He has starred in some pretty groundbreaking projects while growing up in front of the camera. Years later he has expanded his talents and has added teacher, filmmaker, and writer to his resume.

We caught up with Brandon to talk about his classic roles such as Ahmad from “Soul Food,” as well as his role as Matty Stevenson in “The Gregory Hines Show,” and much more.

When asked when did he realize his contributions to Black cinema and Black culture, Brandon said,

“I think it’s something I’m still realizing. I don’t think I fully know what significance, or impact I’ve had on the culture. I just know that I’ve been a part of some really dope films that have definitely shaped people’s lives.”

We also asked about Brandon’s relationship with movie mom Vivica A. Fox, and he shared that prior to them starring in the 1997 film “Soul Food,” they also worked together on a television show called “Out All Night,” but they didn’t have too many scenes together. However, working on “Soul Food,” is where they built the special bond that they still share today.

When asked about his current projects, Brandon exclusively let us know that he is currently directing a “Soul Food,” reunion documentary that will commemorate the film’s 25th anniversary, which was in September 2022. He said,

“In the process of raising funds to help get it done, but so far the cast, I’ve spoken to most of them, they’re all on board with this. George Tillman, the writer/ director, he is not only on board with it, he’s excited about it. So that’s at the top of the list.”

Brandon also let us know about his film “Amaru,” which was named the winner of the first annual John Singleton Short Film Competition in 2020. As well as his mentorship program, and the acting classes that he offers.


Check out what Brandon Hammond had to say below:



TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94


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