Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips You Should Follow Now

We all hate doing bathroom cleaning. Something about it makes us uneasy about getting on our hands and knees to clean it. The bathroom, like the rest of the house, need cleaning.

The good news is that Pristine Home can quickly and easily help you out. We offer a specialised bathroom cleaning service. That doesn’t mean you can’t scrub the toilet on your own, either!

You may get through the tedious task of cleaning the bathroom cleaner more quickly if you follow these suggestions.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Start with the toilet bowl!

Yes, the toilet bowl!

To put it bluntly, we strive to put off going to the bathroom as long as possible, despite the fact that this might have serious consequences. Spray the inside of the toilet bowl with a cleanser that contains bleach before moving on to the rest of the bathroom. While you finish up the rest of the bathroom, let the bleach do its thing.

It is recommended to let bleach and other cleansers “work” on surfaces for a while before scrubbing or wiping them down. Leaving the bleach in the toilet bowl for an extended period of time is an effective way to eliminate germs.

Sink and Vanity

Put the toilet seat down and attend to the sink and vanity instead. An in-depth cleaning and scrubbing of the sink are required. After all, it’s in here that we scrub our faces and mouths and spit after we brush our teeth…. So, you understand what’s going on.

The good news is that a gritty sponge and some hydrogen peroxide are all that are required.

Before you begin, please remove all things from the vanity. Remove any unnecessary items from view. It will take a minute or two for the hydrogen peroxide to do its job once you spray it on the surface. Leaving it on the surface for a longer period of time is similar to using bleach on a stain. Likewise, the sink must be shielded.

Scrub the sink and wipe down the counters with ease thanks to the sponge. The usage of hydrogen peroxide will be evident in how easy stains can be removed. Clean the surface one last time by rinsing the sponge and using a clean one.

Have the stains in your sink not been removed? Put a denture tablet to good use! Put the tablet in the sink, plug the drain, and fill the sink with hot water. After a few minutes, you should see foam forming on the surface of the water; at this point, it’s safe to drain the solution. Water should have removed the stains, but if there is any residue left behind, a sponge will do the trick.


Cleaning a mirror is simple; all you need is a microfiber cloth and some soapy water. In order to clean the mirror, simply spray it with a solution of water and liquid soap and wipe it down. A small amount of shaving cream can rescue the day when it comes to keeping mirrors from fogging up in a steamy shower. Shaving cream applied to the mirror’s surface should keep it from misting up for a few weeks.

Shower curtains

When shower curtains are not regularly washed, they can develop mildew and mould. Because of the constant exposure to water, mildew and mould can even grow on shower curtains.

Mildew and mould can be prevented by washing the shower curtain once a week and letting it air dry completely. But if your curtains already have mildew stains, you can try to get rid of them by using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

Combine your detergent and about half a cup of baking soda. Add half a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine before starting the rinse cycle. Any mildew or mould should go after this!

Take out the rubbish and mop the floor!

Keep in mind to take out the trash and use a soapy mop to get the floor sparkling clean. If you haven’t cleaned your tiles and grout in a while, you may see stains. This is especially true if your floor is tiled. In order to remove grout stains, hydrogen peroxide can be used. Let the hydrogen peroxide remain for a minute or two before cleaning, just like you would with the sink.

Go back to your toilet bowl!

Since the bleach has been resting in the toilet bowl for some time, now is a good time to start scrubbing.

Get out the toilet brush and the disposable rubber gloves. If there were any stains, the bleach would have made cleaning them much simpler. You won’t have to put forth a lot of physical effort. Cleaning the toilet bowl should begin from the inside out, with the lower, inner area being the first to be attended to. Once the toilet bowl has been sufficiently cleaned, the bleach solution can be flushed away.

Other Tips

  • To avoid spreading germs, it’s best to clean with single-use items. The bathroom is home to a particular strain of germs, so it’s important to avoid spreading it by using anything that can’t be thrown away quickly.
  • Buy a set of cleaning supplies designed just for the bathroom if the cost of disposable cleaning supplies is prohibitive for you.
  • Keep some baking soda and white vinegar on hand; they will come in helpful for cleaning more often than we’d like to admit.
  • The bathroom, like the rest of the house, requires frequent cleaning. Regular, weekly deep cleaning is recommended, but even daily wiping down can help keep stains at bay.