Bedroom Closet Decoration Tips and Tricks – NHS Discount Code

Closets are very practical in family life, but many people don’t know how to design them, and the functions of the closet are not fully utilized. Here, through several examples of interior decoration of bedroom closets, learn the interior decoration design techniques of bedroom closets

Divided into layers

A great way to plan your closet space is to divide it into tiers. In addition to this fertilization, the size and design of the designer are also required. Shoes, hats, scarves, and other small things can be placed at the bottom of the closet. Chiltern Oak Furniture Discount Code NHS.


There are also many options for hanging wardrobes, most of which are traditional pine and Hanamizuki. It looks like an ordinary wardrobe with drawers inside.

Once opened, there is space for hanging clothes, and there is also an arrangement of drawers. However, the only downside is that you can’t wear clothes that are too long. Generally, only tops or shirts


In the hanger space, wear sawn rubber that will keep all the hangers from sliding together. In order to expand the space for hanging clothes, by raising the entire bar, clothes with different designs can be hung, and the easily wasted space at the bottom of the closet can also be utilized.

Make full use of space

If you don’t have room for a full-sized wardrobe in your room, that one might be enough. Make full use of every space in the bedroom.

Closet Size Specifications

When it comes to closet size specs, try to play as big as you can. This is to accommodate more things and clothes in a limited space.

Double the space

Not only are jackets and shirts not as long as suits, but the shoe rack doesn’t have to be taller than the shoes you put in your leather shoes and pads for running, so you can double the space under the menswear hanging rod.

Enough space

The female part of the closet needs enough space for clothes. Also, need shelf space suitable for shoes, knee boots, and wide hats.

How to decorate a room with a closet


  • shelf, partition
  • drawer


  1. Closet storage method The closet has the largest capacity in the collection space at home and has outstanding storage capacity.
  2. However, there are very few people who can take advantage of it, and most people will feel troubled. Because there is no shelf in the space, it becomes futile, and 50% of the whole cannot be stored well.
  3. If you stuff a lot in one breath, you will gradually forget what is placed underneath and inside. Speaking of why, the purpose of the closet is to store “quilts”.
  4. In the past, quilts were mostly just for storing quilts, so there was no need for partitions. Now the closet is often used to pack other things, so make good use of the space in the closet for storage.
  5. Point 1, use shelves, partitions, drawers and other small things to divide
  6. Keep frequently used items where they are easiest to access
  7. According to the use to determine the storage place, classification
  8. drawers below sight
  9. Put light things on top and heavy things on the bottom
  10. Above: hard to access places. Zoom in on boxes and quilts. The storage box with the handle on the front is very convenient.
  11. You can put some things that are used according to the seasons and old things that are not commonly used. But you can’t put heavy things on. Inside is a place that cannot be reached even with a ladder, and you can put things you don’t use.
  12. Middle: The easiest gold zone to access. You can store things you use every day. There are drawers and hangers for storing clothes. If you only put the quilt, you can put the large storage box underneath to make effective use of the space.
  13. The location inside is invisible, but relatively easy to reach. Separated by shelves, the small things are kept in the box, which can store things such as clothes and bags, including first aid kits, groceries, infrequently used books and old magazines, etc.
  14. Bottom: It is also very convenient to squat down to pick up things, you can put clothes, irons, vacuum cleaners, children’s toys, etc. Put some frequently used things, you can use hangers, special shelves, drawers, cabinets, etc.

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Best closet storage ideas

Whether you have a small, medium or large wardrobe, storage space can often be expensive. These 6 closet storage solutions are designed to help you create more storage space in your closet—no matter the size.

They’re easy to install, affordable, and will help you take control of your wardrobe. The right closet storage system will instantly save you time and money.

Here are 11 important upgrades to create more storage space in your closet.


  1. Wardrobe organization is all about utilizing and maximizing space and nothing maximizes space in your closet quite as effectively as an organized wardrobe.
  2. When installing, put your existing rods in place, and decide how much space you need on the floor under your clothes (think about moving shoes and clothes outside of your closet, do you really want your clothes to smell like sneakers?).
  3. Measure the clothes you plan to hang on the double poles and mount to this height. Now you have twice the amount of storage space in the closet
  4. Store your most-used shoes on the inside of your closet door. You can achieve this effect with a simple washcloth.
  5. This also applies to necklaces, belts, scarves and ties. Anything that can be hung can be hung on a hanger. All you need are shower curtain hooks, and you can turn any hanger into accessory storage.
  6. This little trick is a key part of my morning management. I have to get up early (before 6am) every day and hang my clothes on a coat hook the next night.
  7. On the weekends, I hang up my workout clothes, so by the time I head out into the streets looking for coffee and a newspaper, I’m already dressed for the gym and there’s really no reason not to go.
  8. Valet hooks can also be used to hang dry cleaning, belts, bags and scarves.
  9. I prefer command hooks because of their versatility, ease of use, and they don’t leave marks on walls or doors.
  10. Continue to 5 of 11 below.
  11. There are different types of hangers for suits, suits, dresses and shirts, which can become overwhelming and expensive. Keep it simple with a good basic wooden hanger (try Basic Hardwood Hangers at The Container Store).
  12. There are two important reasons for this:
  13. Visually, matching hangers instantly gives your wardrobe a more serene, organized look, which in turn will be a visual cue to keep you that way.
  14. Hangers give your clothes shape and structure. Men should be wider than women to accommodate their (usually) wider shoulders.
  15. Tip: If you’re signing up for a housewarming or wedding, ask for hangers. A nice pair of hangers makes a great gift.
  16. A little labeling can make everything easier to find. You can use the Brother Label Maker or make your own cardboard and string by hand. This is especially useful for storage baskets that are not easily visible. Since these baskets are on top of the wardrobe. You might forget which one has your scarf and which one stores your gloves
  17. Shelf dividers really help in organizing limited shelf space. They make it easier to fold your shirts, sweaters, and jeans and, frankly, look neat. Double shared closets.
  18. Once you’ve folded and stacked your pile of sweaters, a shelf divider will help keep everything in place, which will ensure your clothes stay at the front of the rack and don’t fall out of sight.
  19. Again, make sure you measure your clothing before installing the dividers. They come in several different sizes and colors. Use “separated guides”
  20. Boxes and baskets are life savers for hard-to-reach shelves and a great way to group and store clothing and accessories that don’t wrinkle too much. think about the possibilities
  21. The Rubbermaid Closet Kit is a versatile, easy way to update any wardrobe without the price and hassle of designing and installing a custom closet system. You decide how much hanging space and shelving you need, and the kit can be made to your specifications. All of the rods and shelves are expandable to fit your wardrobe, and if you’re working in a larger space and need two or three kits instead of one, they’ll all work and fit together.
  22. Scarves can be difficult to store. Stashing in a basket or trash can works well, but if you wear scarves every day, it makes more sense to display them on the inside of your closet door. 
  23. Plastic storage containers are such a versatile closet storage staple. They go on just about anything in your closet, you can buy them in clear plastic so you can quickly assess what’s inside, and they can be marked and tagged if colored. You can also apply chalkboard paint for easy marking.
  24. As an added bonus, they’ll protect your laundry from damage in the basement or anywhere else in your home.
  25. Tip: Remove everything and give them a quick annual cleaning or swap out your winter/summer wardrobe. Make sure the clothes are completely dry before storing them.
  26. These are for garage storage, but they’re also great for seasonal costumes, Halloween costumes, or linens.