BBQ Restaurant Slams Customer Who Called 911 Over ‘Pink Meat’


BBQ Restaurant Claps Back At “Ignorant” Customer Who Called 911 And Left One-Star Review Over Smoked ‘Pink Meat’

A customer was so displeased with her barbeque order that she called 911 on the restaurant. Then the customer, named Annie Cooke, went home and left a one-star review about the “very pink” smoked meat.

Clyde Cooper’s Barbeque was quick to respond, ripping into the “ignorant” customer’s story.

“It’s extremely laughable (and) sad you think this is an issue to call the cops over,” owner Debbie Holt replied to the review. “You took a cop’s time that may have needed to be on an IMPORTANT call, to complain because the BBQ was smoked (pink.)”

Last week, Annie attempted to return a plate of food to Clyde Cooper’s ten minutes after picking it up. She claimed the smoked pork was uncooked because of its pink coloring. But the restaurant’s owner of 15 years told TODAY that wasn’t the case.

“I said, ‘oh honey, that is the pink from the smoke,” Debbie said. ” I said, ‘Honey, it is done,’ and she couldn’t. comprehend it.”

According to Debbie, even nearby customers tried to explain the meat’s color to the customer. But Annie didn’t back down, and the owner offered her a piece of chicken in a brown paper bag for her dissatisfaction.

The restaurant did not issue a refund. And despite accepting the chicken, Annie later told news station WRAL (and the police) that she received nothing–no replacement food or refund.

“It’s ridiculous, especially because we’re an old, established institution in Raleigh, so you know we know what we’re doing, and then you’re telling me it’s not done,” Debbie said. “I haven’t encountered anyone that thick-headed in a long time.”

Here’s What The Customer Told 911 On The Phone

After leaving the restaurant, chicken in tow, Annie called the police on them. WRAL obtained an alleged transcript of the police call.

“I had ordered some food from there, and the barbeque is pink,” Annie said on the 911 call. “I asked for either them to cook it some more or exchange my order. They are saying that the meat is supposed to be pink. I asked for them to change my order, and they said they are not giving me my money back or they are not going to trade out the food.”

A police officer stopped by the restaurant but gave no more than a “little smirk and rolled his eyes” before leaving the scene, Debbie said.

In a conversation with WRAL, Annie revealed why she called emergency services for a non-emergency.

“That’s just the way I felt–that’s the reason I called the cops because I couldn’t get my money back or I couldn’t get a different plate,” Annie said

Owner Slams Customer Following Online Review

Still dissatisfied, Annie went home and hacked away at a now-deleted Google review for the restaurant. She alleged that Clyde Cooper’s provided the “worst customer service” she’s ever experienced. Annie added that the barbeque was “very pink and had lots of fat in it.” 

“Tried to go back and tell them I either won’t my money back or something else they refused to do either. After I call the COPS up there, they gave me 1 piece of chicken in a bag and said keep the plate,” Annie said. “Cops said I had file a civil suit with the courts. Worst food ever cheese not even melted on mac-and-cheese.”

As partially shared above, Annie clapped back at the customer’s take on what happened. Debbie, again, explained the situation and her outlook on Annie’s actions.

“Furthermore, you were given chicken to replace your BBA and told you could keep the perfectly good BBQ you thought was raw because you are so ignorant to the fact that BBQ turns pink when smoked, and you wouldn’t listen to us trying to explain that to you,” Debbie wrote. “You were given that chicken before you left, and then you called the cops. Sad. Sad sad sad sad.”

The restaurant shared screenshots of the review and their clapback on their Facebook page. In their caption, they continued to drag Annie and her “stupidity.” 

After receiving media and online attention, the restaurant posted another rundown of what happened with Annie.

Local customers showed the restaurant “pink love” in the days following the 911 call with pink-colored gifts like stuffed animals and flowers. Meanwhile, Annie told WRAL on November 4 that she was “considering filing a civil lawsuit” against Clyde Cooper’s Barbeque.


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