4 Suspects Charged In Connection To Murder Of Haitian President


Three Haitian Americans and one Colombian national have been charged in connection to the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. According to the New York Times, the men will face trial in the US. And have been accused of “conspiracy to murder the Haitian leader and seize power,” along with three prior suspects.

More About The New Suspects Charged In Connection To The Haitian President’s Assassination

According to the outlet, the four men are considered to be “ringleaders” in the “assassination plot.” James Solages and Joseph Vincent are reportedly dual Haitian American citizens. And Germán Alejandro Rivera García, the Colombian national, is accused of “leading a group of mercenaries operating in Haiti.” All three men have been charged with “conspiracy in the murder of Mr. Moïse.”

The fourth suspect is named Dr. Christian Emmanuel Sanon. He is another dual Haitian American citizen. And has been charged with “counts related to smuggling.”

If convicted, Solages, Vincent, and Rivera Garcia face serving a life sentence in prison. While Dr. Sanon may face serving up to twenty years.

The New Suspects Will Face Trial Along With 3 Others

The new suspects are to face trial alongside three existing suspects. The suspects include a government informant and Haitian businessman named Rodolphe Jaar; a former Colombian soldier named Mario Antonio Palacios Palacios; and a former senator of Haiti, John Joël Joseph.

A lawyer named Ken Swartz, who represents Vincent, shared a statement with the outlet.

The charges are serious and we want to know what evidence that the government has.

According to the outlet, all men are “set for arraignment” on February 15. And will reportedly “enter pleas.”

More About The Assassination Of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse

It’s reported that the plot against President Jovenel Moïse “evolved over time.” The men initially intended to “kidnap the Haitian president and escape the country via airplane.” But the intentions grew to murder.

As reported by REVOLT, the group allegedly had “guns, tear gas, grenades, bulletproof vests” transported from Florida to Haiti. The weapons were then used by 20 Colombian mercenaries “who were recruited to assist in the operation and provide security to Sanon.”

By July 6, 2021, Mr. Solages “announced to Mr. Vincent, Mr. García, and other conspirators that they would kill Mr. Moïse.”  According to the New York Times, an unnamed former Haitian Supreme Court judge agreed to sign a document that “claimed to provide immunity in Haiti to those who participated in the operation.”

On July 7, 2021, the group stormed Mr. Moïse’s residence. And fatally shot the president nearly 12 times, also wounding his wife.

The country has reportedly been thrown into deeper disarray since President Moïse’s assassination.


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