2 Positions That The Bears Need To Upgrade This Offseason


A detail of the Chicago Bears helmet pregame at Soldier Field on September 25, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)


The Chicago Bears have plenty of holes to fill going into their offseason in 2023.

While there are several positions that need upgrades, two positions stand out the most.

So which two positions are the most important for the Bears to upgrade in 2023?


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The Bears need a proven leader at the linebacker position.

With the team getting rid of all their star linebackers, they have no leader in this position.

While the Bears could try to get Roquan Smith back, it requires the Baltimore Ravens to refuse to re-sign him this offseason.

However, if the miracle to bring back Smith can’t happen, they need someone to take his place.

With the Bears’ rich history of leaders at the linebacker position, it’s a disservice to the franchise to not have one.

But they also need a linebacker because their defense is abysmal with their current group of linebackers.


Wide Receiver

A star wide receiver can easily help Justin Fields change into a better passing quarterback.

While he has Chase Claypool and Darnell Mooney, they aren’t the caliber of a Justin Jefferson or Tyreek Hill.

He needs a star receiver with a history of being a stand out receiver.

While the Bears might opt to get a receiver in the 2023 NFL Draft, they could make a trade for one using their draft pick.

No matter which path the Bears take, they need an explosive receiver.

With the Bears ranking last in passing (2,232 yards) this season, getting an explosive receiver can help Field show off his cannon of an arm.


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